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LESS: Can a Day of Less, produce a Life of MORE?

Moderation has long been a not-so-secret, secret to health and happiness. But in today’s world of consumerism and 24/7 online culture, active resistance is necessary to deflect excess. We are led to believe that a surplus of anything is better; more money, more friends, more “likes”, more food, more government, more stuff, more travel, more memberships, more news, more experiences-- spending, titles, awards and activities. Where did this phenomena start? The Industrial Revolution? The Technological Revolution? Or is it human nature to just want more? As early as 500 BC the teacher, Buddha warned of the need for balance when saying “To much is no better than to little.” More recently in 100

Humanism: Can I be human without being vulnerable?

In hierarchical structures like medicine, business and even within families, those at the top often feel compelled to provide their mentees the impression that they are infallible, invincible and unshakable. This occurs with doctors, executives and even parents who erroneously believe strength comes from denying weakness. But does our strength as humans not come from experiencing a full spectrum of feelings, facing our daily fears and embracing failure as a lesson learned? Cultures that trains us to be “powerful” by ignoring our feelings, denying our fears and avoiding failure at all costs- create populations of individuals who try to rise above or more, often fall below the expectations of




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