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Dr. Pipas is available to speak to your team of two to two thousand



(60-90 Minutes)


Medice Cura te Ipsum “Professional Heal Thyself”

A Call to Prioritize Health in Health Professionals and Health Care Systems

The session will overview the growing problem and impact of burnout, explore factors that threaten individual and organizational wellness; and discuss evidence based strategies for leading change at the personal and the systems level. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on personal health priorities while strengthening their commitment to a culture of wellness. They will discuss the process of change and critically analyze and chose areas for personal improvement beginning with a needs assessment and ending with an actionable health improvement plan. Participants will be supported and given tools to succeed personally and to partner with colleagues to create greater impact.


At the conclusion of this session, participant will be able to:


  1. Describe the importance of personal wellbeing and the impact of burnout on individuals, teams, and communities

  2. Discuss factors that threaten personal and system wellness

  3. Utilize an Improvement Model to explore evidence-based strategies for personal health and a culture of wellness

Printable Sample Plenary Lecture


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