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Dr. Pipas is available to work with your team to complete a needs assessment and to develop and implement a strategic program in order to promote

a culture of wellness at your organization


Dr. Pipas coaches globally and has the following areas of interest and expertise:

Personal Health and Wellness

  • Personal Wellness and Improvement Strategies

  • Performance Training to Minimize Burnout and Promote Resilience

  • Behavioral Modification and Motivational Interviewing

  • Development and Implementation of Personal Health Improvement Plans

  • Disease Prevention and Health Promotion across Age and Gender

  • Mental Health Topics: Depression and Anxiety Management

  • Women’s Health Topics: Sexually Transmitted Illnesses

  • Dermatological Topics: Common Benign and Malignant lesions


Personal and Professional Leadership Development

  • Self Awareness and Self Assessment for Effective Leadership

  • Communication and Negotiation skills

  • Self Reflection and Emotional Intelligence

  • Time Management and Effective Decision Making

  • Strategic Planning and the Role of a Shared Vision

  • Development of a Resume that Tells Your Story

  • Project Implementation; Planning and Execution of Change


Team and Systems Improvement

  • Team Development, Assessment and Performance

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Observation and Feedback

  • Team based Learning and Evidence-Based Practice

  • Quality Improvement Curriculum Development and Mentoring

  • Developing and Implementation of Actionable Team Improvement Plans

  • Leading Change applied at the Individual, Systems and Population Health Levels.


Community Engagement, Public Health and Population Health

  • Principles and Practice of Collaborative Public Health

  • The Determinants of Health and the Impact on Population Health

  • Experiential Service Learning

  • Community Needs assessment and Outcomes Determination

  • Developing and Implementing Public Health Interventions


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