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Dr. Pipas is available to work with you individually to support strategies for your success and to advance your personal health and wellbeing


Dr. Pipas coaches globally and has the following areas of interest and expertise:

Personal Health and Wellness

  • Personal Wellness and Improvement Strategies

  • Performance Training to Minimize Burnout and Promote Resilience

  • Behavioral Modification and Motivational Interviewing

  • Development and Implementation of Personal Health Improvement Plans

  • Disease Prevention and Health Promotion across Age and Gender

  • Mental Health Topics: Depression and Anxiety Management

  • Women’s Health Topics: Sexually Transmitted Illnesses

  • Dermatological Topics: Common Benign and Malignant lesions


Personal and Professional Leadership Development

  • Self Awareness and Self Assessment for Effective Leadership

  • Communication and Negotiation skills

  • Self Reflection and Emotional Intelligence

  • Time Management and Effective Decision Making

  • Strategic Planning and the Role of a Shared Vision

  • Development of a Resume that Tells Your Story

  • Project Implementation; Planning and Execution of Change


Team and Systems Improvement

  • Team Development, Assessment and Performance

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Observation and Feedback

  • Team based Learning and Evidence-Based Practice

  • Quality Improvement Curriculum Development and Mentoring

  • Developing and Implementation of Actionable Team Improvement Plans

  • Leading Change applied at the Individual, Systems and Population Health Levels.


Community Engagement, Public Health and Population Health

  • Principles and Practice of Collaborative Public Health

  • The Determinants of Health and the Impact on Population Health

  • Experiential Service Learning

  • Community Needs assessment and Outcomes Determination

  • Developing and Implementing Public Health Interventions


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