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224 pp., 6 x 9"
Paperback, $22.95 • 978-1-5126-0299-9
Ebook, $17.99 • 978-1-5126-0300-2





Dartmouth College Press

A Doctor’s Dozen
Twelve Strategies for Personal Health
and a Culture of Wellness

Catherine Florio Pipas, MD, MPH

A collection of lessons for improved health illustrated by patient stories, backed by research, and linked to actionable strategies that everyone—particularly health professionals—can apply in their lives

The quest for health transcends the ages. It is fundamental to the success of the individual and to society. Challenges to physical, emotional and social wellness in the twenty-first century are largely due to personal behaviors amenable to change, and thus an exemplary health care workforce which models healthy lifestyle is more important now than ever before. No one is immune to poor health and burnout, for example, which affect a third of our population is present in over 50% of our health professionals. For the latter group, the impact is magnified, as consequences occur not only on a personal level, but also on a societal level, leading to medical errors, sub-optimal care, and poor patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.

In this book, Dr. Pipas shares a collection of twelve lessons and strategies for improved health that she has learned from patients, students and colleagues as a family physician over twenty-five years. Each chapter begins with a story of a patient whose challenges and successes reflect the chapter’s theme. She then offers “lessons” (based on her own observations and backed by research) and “strategies” (actionable skills), which together create the framework for a healthy life. Chapters conclude with an invitation to participate in a “health challenge” that demonstrates how to apply the strategies in one’s own life. A Doctor’s Dozen is a must read for all who strive towards self-awareness, self-care and self-improvement, particularly professionals whose journey to promote health in others is linked to the successful pursuit of personal wellbeing.

Catherine Florio Pipas is professor, Department of Community and Family Medicine, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth.



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