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What have I learned as a doctor and what will you learn from 'A Doctor’s Dozen'?

Now that I have written a book, everyone asks: what is my book about? For 25 years as a Family Physician, I have asked myself, what can I learn from others? What strategies can I apply to sustain wellness in my own life and what can I share with others to promote their well-being? I have come to realize, (despite medical training) that prioritizing my own health is never selfish -  it allows me to better care for others and to create a culture of wellness!

A Doctor’s Dozen is stories of real people who struggle with real problems, and who apply real strategies and have taught me about health and life by their challenges and successes. I view all as teachers and in each case you will read of an individual (ten have a connection to health care) and learn about their common health challenge, and observe first hand how they applied health strategies to improve their own health and the well-being of others.

You will benefit from A Doctor’s Dozen if you are dedicated to your own well-being, a teacher of wellness or committed to role modeling health for others. You will benefit from A Doctor’s Dozen if you want to …

  1. Be Present: Hannah, a health administrator with breast cancer teaches mindfulness

  2. Ask Questions: Carmen, a transgender health counselor teaches self-assessment and inquiry

  3. Build Resilience: Nelle, an elder woman with MS teaches resilience

  4. Write Your Story: Lee, a psychologist who has survived domestic violence and teaches self-reflection and narrative writing

  5. Fill your Own Tank: Kenny, a nurse with obesity, diabetes and heart disease teaches the importance of nurturing your body

  6. Establish Trusting Relationships: Christine, a mother who loses her daughter to drug overdose and teaches the value of relationships

  7. Replenish 24/7: Shirley, the wife of a physician who has insomnia and teaches balance and time management

  8. Cultivate A Healthy Environment: David, a medical resident with depression teaches role modeling and the value of nature and culture

  9. Embrace Change: Dr. George, a retired physician who smokes and teaches the skills of emotional intelligence and self improvement

  10. Prioritize Purpose: Lena, a fourth-year medical student with an eating disorder teaches cost-benefit decision-making based on health and meaning

  11. Re-Write Your Story: Jeff, a pre-health college student with family history and risks of alcoholism teaches the power of cognitive reframing

  12. Celebrate Life: Mary, a spouse of a female physician who is infertile and teaches gratitude and appreciative inquiry

Catherine Florio Pipas

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