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Nature Versus Technology: An Internal Battle

I’ve never been to Walden Pond and have had only subtle glimpses into Thoreau’s message on the therapeutic value of nature. Walking the Coast to Coast trail, with my daughter through Wordsworth’s Grasmere and the Lakes District of England provided me an intensified belief in the power of nature. Hiking from the west coast of St. Bees to the small town of Kirkby Stephen my focus was on the sights, smells and sounds of 75 mph winds of Hurricane Ali, rain reflecting off Gortex, four boots marching in sync, rivers and waterfalls flooding our paths, and baaaa’s and mooo’s of native British dwellers. Over 6 days, 88 miles, two national parks, and 4 summits, I observed: Stillness giving way to harm

What have I learned as a doctor and what will you learn from 'A Doctor’s Dozen'?

Now that I have written a book, everyone asks: what is my book about? For 25 years as a Family Physician, I have asked myself, what can I learn from others? What strategies can I apply to sustain wellness in my own life and what can I share with others to promote their well-being? I have come to realize, (despite medical training) that prioritizing my own health is never selfish -  it allows me to better care for others and to create a culture of wellness! A Doctor’s Dozen is stories of real people who struggle with real problems, and who apply real strategies and have taught me about health and life by their challenges and successes. I view all as teachers and in each case you wi




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