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  • Catherine Florio Pipas

What has the Pandemic Taken, and What Has it Given to Me?

This is a question I have been asking of myself and others in the year of 2021. I am

moved by my learnings and united in my sharing.

The pandemic has taken away my social contacts but given me deeper


It’s taken away day-to-day activities, and given me permission to slow down

It has taken away autonomy to come and go, but allowed me time to reflect on my

values, purpose, and vision for the future

It has taken away flexibility to travel but provided more time with children and


It has taken away my power to multitask, but given me a deeper appreciation for


It has taken away my feeling of control, and permitted me a greater acceptance of a

range of human emotions including disappointment, grief and frustration

For some it has ripped them from their loved ones, thrown them into survival

mode, added layers of grief, piled upon days and nights of exhaustion, but it has

also given us a sense of belong to a global community, where we are not alone.

Knowing another’s suffering can help ease my struggles and sharing mine can

validate yours

Long after the pandemic I will remember not what it has taken, but what it has

given to me.


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