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  • Dr. Catherine Florio Pipas

What is Time?

Time, that complex entity can be a noun, a verb, an adjective, a concept and even a tool. Over time… the term time is used as a means to slow us down, speed us up, inspire us and cure us, it serves to reward us, shame us and even terminate our existence. Time is so much more than the movement of hands around the face of a clock. It is a measure of life’s accomplishments, our existence and a “word” with so many meanings:

  • Something we need more of – “never enough time”

  • An excuse for what we can’t or won’t do – “sorry, no time”

  • A promise to love- “till the end of time”

  • A demand for respect - “be on time”

  • Our career pattern - working “9 to 5” or 24/7”

  • A Deadline – “times up”

  • Decree of romance - “timelessness”

  • Place to pause- “where time stands still”

  • A present – “the greatest gift we give is time”

  • Predictor of the future- “time will tell”

  • An investment – “Time is MONEY”

  • A deadline- “times up”

  • A medicinal cure- “time heals all wounds”

  • Sports break- “time out”

  • A 2-year-old’s punishment- “time out”

  • Reassurance- “time is on my side”

  • A call for improvement - “Time for a change”

  • A form of exercise- “Running behind”

  • A declaration of demise- “My time has come”

Our time is ours to direct (at least some of the time). We can watch it slip away or consciously direct our use of time. The New Year is an opportunity to purposefully reflect on how we spend our time - and to choose wisely and choose wellness!

Catherine Florio Pipas January 2019

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